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【¥↓】 V.A / Ultra.2010 (2CD)



Kelly Rowland; Deborah Cox; Mitch Crown; Rob Swire; Tegan & Sara; Calvin Harris; Jump Smokers; Pitbull; Santogold; Lykke Li; Kanye West; Maya; Sam Sparro

商品コード: 410010200678
商品名:【¥↓】 V.A / Ultra.2010 (2CD)
販売価格(税込) 418 円
通常価格(税抜): 2,100 円
ポイント: 3 Pt
関連カテゴリ: HOUSE(ALBUM) 輸入盤
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TRACK LIST 【トラックリスト】

1. When Love Takes Over
2. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) [Alex Gaudino and Jason Rooney Remix]
3. When I Grow Up [Dave Aud Audacious Club] [Remix][Version]
4. Poker Face [Dave Aud Remix]
5. Infinity [Klaas Vocal Mix]
6. If U Seak Amy [Radio Edit]
7. Leave the World Behind
8. Scared of Me [Radio Edit]
9. Ghosts 'N' Stuff
10. No Superstar [Full Vocal Mix]
11. Feel It in My Bones
12. Ready for the Weekend

1. Girl I'm Trying [Weekend Radio Edit]
2. Now You See It [Club Mix]
3. Gifted [Treasure Fingers Remix]
4. Took the Night [Luxury Goods Mix] [Remix]
5. Hot [Play and Win Radio Edit]
6. This Is How It Goes [Kaskade's Grand Club Edit]
7. Feel It 2009 [Pop Trumpet Club Mix] [Remix]
8. 76, Ocean Drive [Apache Vocal Mix] [Remix]
9. Feelings Gone
10. Cry Tonight (Kiss Me Back) [Extended Mix]
11. Take Me Away (Into the Night) [Dave Darell Remix]
12. Every Morning