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DJ DDT-Tropicana / Hybrid Rec. Mix Series Vol.11 「Tropical R&B Dictionary –WHITE EDITION-」 〜New Jack Swing Flavor R&B Best

New Jack Swingの人気チューンはバッチリ押さえられちゃいます!!発掘されたレアな1曲から、最近話題の1曲までを加えた全50曲!!

早くも第2弾!!伝説のMIX CD 「Tropical R&B Blend」の続編!!
Hybrid Rec. Mix第11弾は早くも前回の続編です!
OfficialのMixCDもリリースし、今絶好調のDJ DDT-TROPICANAがMix!!

2005年、某レコード店の独占企画として発売されたMIX CD、「Tropical R&B Blend」シリーズ。数々のR&B Classicsの中から、本当に間違いない楽曲だけをDJ DDT-TROPICANAが厳選してSmoothにMix、「シマウマ」のジャケがお馴染みの発売してすぐに完売の人気シリーズです!!
この人気シリーズの内容を踏襲し、まさにその集大成とも言える今シリーズ、「Tropical R&B Dictionary」。過去に収録した楽曲をさらに厳選、さらにはそれ以降に発掘されたレアな1曲から、最近話題の1曲までを加えた全50曲!!
「R&B Classics」はこのシリーズだけを押さえておけば大丈夫!!まさにそんなシリーズです!!
今回の第2弾は前作の続きでまたまた「New Jack Swing」!!前作の「Black Edition」と今回の「White Edition」、2枚揃えちゃえばNew Jack Swingの人気チューンはバッチリ押さえられちゃいます!!絶対です!!

商品コード: 210110201361
商品名:DJ DDT-Tropicana / Hybrid Rec. Mix Series Vol.11 「Tropical R&B Dictionary –WHITE EDITION-」 〜New Jack Swing Flavor R&B Best
販売価格(税込) 1,650 円
通常価格(税抜): 1,500 円
ポイント: 15 Pt

TRACK LIST 【トラックリスト】

01. You Should Be Mine (Album Version) / Roger
02. (Everybody) Get Up (EPMD Diesel Remix)
/ Roger feat. EPMD
03. Teddy’s Jam (Extended Version) / Guy
04. Let’s Stay Together (Extended Club Version) / Guy
05. Remember The Time (12’’ Main Mix) / Michael Jackson
06. Live And Learn (Funky Mix) / Joe Public
07. Now I Realize (LP Version) / Menageri
08. Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody (Quicksilver’s Radio Mix)
/ Kid ‘N’ Play
09. Ice Cream Dream (Remix Radio Edit) / MC Lyte
10. What About Your Friends (Extended Remix)
/ TLC feat. Outkast
11. Give U My Heart (Extended Remix)
/ Babyface feat. Toni Braxton
12. I Dream, I Dream (Remix Extended Version)
/ Jermaine Jackson
13. You Called & Told Me (Club Version) / Jeff Redd
14. Here We Go Again (Wicked Mix) / Portrait
15. If U Let It / Alexander O’Neal
16. Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix
(D. Abraham Alternate Extended Mix)
/ Joey Lawrence
17. Just Wanted To Know Her (Special Remix) / Simple Pleasure
18. A Fool For You (Baby) (Special Remix 1) / Walter & Scotty
19. Want U Back (Extended Remix) / Me-2-U
20. Waiting For The Day / Shai
21. My Ex-Girlfriend (Dave Anthony-12’’ Mix)
/ Tony Toni Tone
22. Word To The Mutha! (Club Mentality) / Bell Biv DeVoe
23. Poison (Mental Mix) / Bell Biv DeVoe
24. Don’t Forget My Love (Radio Mix) / D’ Image
25. Money Can’t Buy You Love (Wicked Mix) / Ralph Tresvant
26. Is It Good To You (On The Radio Mix)
/ Teddy Riley feat. Tammy Lucas
27. Love Me Down (L.A. Jay Extended Remix)
/ Tisha Campbell
28. I Gotta Know (English Version) / 5th Power
29. Because Of Love (D&D Extended Mix) / Janet Jackson
30. Lil Bit / For Real
31. Don’t Wanna Fall In Love (Party Mix) / Jane Child
32. The Way I Feel About You (Album Version) / Karyn White
33. I’m Overjoyed (LP Version) / Nona Gaye
34. Gotta Know (Your Name) (LP Version) / Malaika
35. Betcha’ll Never Find (12’’ Extended Version)
/ Chantay Savage
36. Just A Matter Of Time (Special Remix) / Tene Williams
37. Give Him A Love He Can Feel (Street Tracks)
/ Tene Williams
38. Mature Love (12’’ Remix) / Keisha Jackson
39. Get Ta Know Ya Betta (Extended Mix) / M&M
40. Step By Step (Ben Grosse Version) / Wendy Moten
41. Someday (New 7’’ Straight) / Mariah Carey
42. Wannagirl (Preferredgirl Mix) / Jeremy Jordan
43. What Ever It Takes (European Mix) / Basic Black
44. Confused (The Soul Convention Remake) / Larry Larr
45. Anything To Make You Love Me (Extended Mix) / Format
46. Groove Ya (Extended Radio Mix) / Level III
47. One Track Mind (R&B Vibe Mix) / TBTBT
48. She’s Got That Vibe
(Up All Night, No Sleep Till Bedtime Mix) (Sad Excuse)
/ R. Kelly And Public Announcement
49. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (7’’ Radio Edit) / Mike Davis
50. The Best Things In Life Are Free
/ Luther Vandross And Janet Jackson
  with. Special Guests BBD And Ralph Tresvant