国内のみならず海外でもその存在感を示すアーティスト/プロデューサー”ISH-ONE”待望の6thアルバム「THE GOD」が完成。※CASTLE+WENOD限定販売!!※CASTLE限定CD特典付き!!■「ISH-ONE / Ain’t shit prod. TEAM2MVCH」

日本人ラッパーとしてSnoop DoggやRedman,Noriega,Kool,G,Rapとの共演、kehlaniやtygaのツアーへのフロントアクトや今年3月にはフランス、パリでのライブツアー等、今や国内のみならず海外でもその存在感を示すアーティスト/プロデューサー”ISH-ONE”待望の6thアルバム「THE GOD」が完成。自身としては6枚目となる今作は、Kendrick lamar/Sing about me(Good kid BAD city)やAnderson paak./Malibuを手がけたグラミー賞ノミネートプロデューサーの”LIKE”を始め、Young ThugのエンジニアでDrake、21Savage「ISSA」や、Meek Mill、Giggsの楽曲を手掛けるアトランタのTOPプロデューサー“Bricks”や、joey bada$$やTHE GAMEに楽曲提供している”Cookin soul”、Ketty perryのremix worksやSneakhipsとの制作などで知られる”Cory enemy”、フランスからDYSTOSOUND、Coulanjら豪華海外勢に加え、国内からは”Mitsu the beats”(GAGLE)、Lil yukichiら世界最高峰のプロデューサーが集結。客演にはフランスから新進気鋭の人気歌姫”Preston”を始め、ヨーロッパ全土でのツアーが人気のDJ “DJ Sonikem”、パリの新進気鋭アーティスト”TheOnlyLilHomie a.k.a Young kayju”、LAからSIXSIXSIK/YABAで共演したAzuma mazi、国内からは関西屈指のHIPHOP DUO”ジャパニーズマゲニーズ”(孫GONG&JAGGLA)を迎え、まさに史上最高傑作と言える一枚が完成。日の出ずる国から世界へ。RAP GOD(神)へと進化した天才の第6形態がここに。

■「ISH-ONE / Ain’t shit prod. TEAM2MVCH」


Recently known for his collaborations with notable US acts including Snoop Dogg, Redman, Noriega, Kool G. Rap, his work as an opening act for Kehlani and Tyga, his live tour in Paris this March etc., the artist / producer “ISH-ONE” is proud to announce the release of his long-awaited 6th album “THE GOD”. This will be his sixth album, which includes collaborations with Grammy nominated producer “LIKE” (Kendrick Lamar/ Sing About Me); “Brick”, engineer for YoungThug, whose production credits include Drake, 21Savage, Meek Mill, and Giggs; “Cookin’ soul, producer for Joey Badass and The Game; ”Cory Enemy”, who is known for Ketty perry’s remix works and Sneakhip’s production; and DYSTOSOUND and Coulanj from France. This album also includes production from highly acclaimed Japanese producers, Mitsu the beats" (GAGLE), and Lil yukichi. In other words, only world-class producers are featured on this record. Guest performances include one of the top HIPHOP DUOs in Japan, the “Japanese magenies”(SONGONG & JAGGLA), the most up-and-coming artist in Paris, France, “TheOnlyLilHomie aka Young kaiju”, the French Diva ”Preston”, DJ Sonikem, and Azuma Mazi from LA. This is definitely ISH-ONE’s finest work. From the Land of the Rising Sun to the world, presenting the sixth evolution in genius that has given birth to the “RAP GOD.”

商品コード: 120010110015
販売価格(税込) 2,946 円
通常価格(税抜): 2,728 円
ポイント: 27 Pt
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TRACK LIST 【トラックリスト】

01.Intro -Universe the limit- prod.TEAM2MVCH
02.Did it again prod. Like
03.Dat one prod. K.A.N.T.A
04.Do myself prod. Cookin soul
05.The god prod. Mitsu the beats
06.Warusaw prod. Lil yukichi
07.Phoenix prod. DJ Sonikem
08.Ride(remix) feat’Preston prod.DYSTOSOUND
09.2 against the world prod. Cookin soul
10.Say no more prod. Cory enemy
11.Slayin' prod. TEAM2MVCH
12.Dodge feat' Young kaiju prod. Coulanj
13.They don't feat' Azuma mazi prod. Bricks
14.Lost and found prod. TEAM2MVCH
15.Ninja know feat' SONGONG&JAGGLA prod. TEAM2MVCH